My Grandson who is 4 years old was going to Kindergarten until COVID happened. Recently his class teacher was online via live video, just to say hello to her Kindergarten children. I could see his eyes light up and a big smile on his face when he saw his teacher, and I realised how important is the connect between a 4 year old and his teacher.

Early childhood education, particularly The first couple of years at Kindergarten is different and in some ways unique. Particularly when compared to remainder of school education and subsequently further education or Higher Education.

Kids when they are 3-5 years old and going to school, are still dependant on the teacher and the assistants for numerous things. They need personal attention, help in eating food at the right time, maintaining personal hygiene, help in going to the rest room and keeping them clean, caring for their wellbeing, providing first aid if they fall down or hurt themselves.

Many times they may need to be calmed down, help them take a nap. The teacher educator who manage kindergarten classes are passionate, have extraordinary patience and an inherent love and care for the small children.

I have learned how important this is a child’s life. They develop a deep sense of trust with the teachers, and an emotional bond. Also because the teachers do not make the children feel helpless or ignored.

When COVID happened and the small kids had to stay home, they miss seeing and being with their teachers, and may not be able to express it.

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