‘Getting it Right The First Time’

‘Get it Right the First Time’ isn’t easy, but it’s a motto that should be repeated constantly across all functions.

Critical functions like a clear understanding of the customer’s business and requirements, implementing best practices in engineering, architecting platforms & applications, design, interfaces, testing, deployment, are all the critical and essential aspects of getting a production system right the first time in our EdTech Business.

It is pretty tricky. The number of iterations needed will be lessened if we get this goal to spread across functional teams and be adequately communicated. Rework and repair work will be drastically reduced. Finally, it comes down to how well the project is organized at a granular level that ensures complete transparency.

Excellent project planning is well known for increasing overall productivity and project/product quality. Better project planning, customer requirements capture, engineering, and execution will reduce the number of repairs or reworks, and focus the support team’s reliability.


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About the author

D Sudhanva is the founder and CEO at Excelsoft Technologies, a globally renowned eLearning Solutions Company. With a focus on transforming education across the world, Sudhanva has steered Excelsoft to be a thought leader in Education Technology with robust products delivering innovative solutions.