How long can we go without using our phones?

How long can we go without using our phones?
Can we do it nonstop for 48 hours?

Can we give it a shot?

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While the majority of the applications we require for our everyday work lives and family life have converged on mobile phones. It makes me nervous to consider being without a cell phone for an extended period. Anxiety rises even when the phone is just 20% charged. You want to get it back on charge as soon as possible. If you’ve put your phone on “Silent Mode” and then misplaced it, you’ll probably feel a lot more anxious.

If you don’t have your cell phone with you, and let’s suppose you’ve left it to charge. We tend to rush to the phone when it rings or makes sounds suggesting the arrival of a text message, Whatsapp message, or email, calendar Alert.

You will start squirming if you come early to a meeting or find yourself alone with your telephone.
We forget to spend time alone with ourselves and our thoughts, either due to fear or smartphone addiction. Without a doubt, the cell phone is quite productive and increases your efficiency, among other things. But technology has intruded on our lives in ways we have never experienced before. Addiction, greed, whatever we want to call it, is the rage, and we want to buy a new cell phone as soon as it is released.

While mobile phone technology has brought numerous benefits, it has also brought several issues that must be recognized and addressed.

It’s probably just a matter of habit.

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