Age Gracefully

When I was younger, I would many times wonder what it would mean to Age Gracefully. Now, as I progress in age, along with some mild illnesses, mild injuries, and lifestyle diseases, we could also be developing mental health issues.

You could typically be central to a family of 4-5 generations, the responsibility of taking good care of them, while you continue to deliver your work, and societal expectations & challenges may sound daunting. You could even be central to all decision-making, not only at the Work/Business level but also at the family affairs.

It seems like yesterday, I was enjoying with friends from school and college, and the benefit of the youth.

Once we complete our Education and start & raise a family, hopefully, we move up to higher work responsibility. All the stresses that come with it are coincident with when we start growing old.

There is so much I have read about growing old gracefully. However, when I approach old age, seven years from now, I feel like I need to be educated and counselled about what to expect and what we can do from now to ensure that we can age gradually and mitigate pains and ills during this period. We can get inspired by others who have aged gracefully, their physical exercises, training of their mind, etc.

I wish there was a more organized sector to educate and help people, even when they are in the latter half of middle age, on what to expect and what we should be doing to grow old gracefully.

The moot question is, if I am getting closer to retirement, maybe 7-8 years from now – where can I go to get educated about ageing gracefully?

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About the author

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