Global warming & Climate Change- A Challenge for several decades

We have always known about global warming, and climate change challenges that the world has been facing for several decades. Scientists, climatologists, and scientists from several other disciplines like oceanology, glaciology, researching, and analyzing the status, trends, by conducting different studies and investigations. Eventually trying to understand the change and its impact on human life. To bring together different countries to understand the challenges of Global warming & Climate change, and to get the Governments to make commits to cutting carbon emissions and to undertake projects requiring a higher level of commitments and Investments to buck the rising trends in Global Warming.

There was always anxiety about a point in time when the world would go past the threshold of being able to reverse the trend. The recent Big Glacier melt and cracking up in the North Pole seems to signify that we may have tipped the balance, crossed the line to the realm, jumping into the era of irreversible Global Warming. If it is true, it is a sad day for humanity.

However, the world may still be able to slow down the trends. Needs true global participation and commitment. Every individual, every family, every neighborhood, every city, every country will need to pursue actions that can help slow down global warming. As always Education, particularly school education should include and provide higher emphasis towards the environment, climate change, Sustainability, for the good of future generations.

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