Typical Questions that I get asked from first time business visitors to EXCELSOFT

I am Entrepreneur running a successful Education Technology Company head quartered in Mysore and with operation in Hyderabad and NOIDA.

As CEO, I always get interesting and clever questions in casual dinner time meet ups with customer delegations.

Are you a Technology in Education Company, or an Education technology company? Trick Question, but I have had to provide quick response. I usually say we are an Edtech Company. We understand Education very well, and we happen to own and run schools and closely associated with higher education entities.

The next question would be how many engineers are employed in your company, when compared to learning design, Instructional design, and content pedagogy specialists. Fortunately it is a big number, and we provide the numbers and details of how we are organised.

The next question, is how about retention. Do you have challenges in the quality to talent pool available for you in Mysore?

Given the Pandemic, and the fact that at locations we are working from Home, location does not matter, the hiring restrictions ease up a little bit.

How do you retain people? My answers will always be:

Quality of life is very good, un polluted city, lots of nearby places you can go to with families. Good schools, we have our own.

Most of all exciting work experiencing, challenging, opportunities to learn by working with best-in-class customers.

As a CEO What is the single most important value you cherish and encourage your colleagues to do. RELATIONSHIPS.

There are many other values we cherish……we go the extra mile, work late hours, work weekends, ONLY when required to meet delivery commitments.

Integrity is also a high priority item. Zero tolerance for dilution in Integrity.

Our businesses are developed based on Strong relationships between our teams and the peer teams. With every relationships we are likely to have small bumpy rides at times. That is when relationships come into play, we understand each other and overcome issues.

How do you treat your employees? Always with respect, we try our best not to exit non-performers in a rush. We give them adequate time and with the help of our internal raining & Development team, and sometime with mentoring, we are hopeful they will catch up.

The quality of life in Mysore is Good, and our campus is green and clean. No one needs to commute more than 20 minutes, most of them much less,

The most interesting question that I have been asked is “What if you go under the Bus tomorrow, will your organisation still run. I am proud to say that we are at that stage.

Thanks to all my colleagues at Excelsoft Mysore, Hyderabad, NOIDA.

About the author

D Sudhanva is the founder and CEO at Excelsoft Technologies, a globally renowned eLearning Solutions Company. With a focus on transforming education across the world, Sudhanva has steered Excelsoft to be a thought leader in Education Technology with robust products delivering innovative solutions.