Global warming, technology transformation & education!

There are incessant rains, floods, landslides, loss of property, and loss of life too.

In several regions, countries in the World, it is flooding, submerging houses, roads, power cuts, hillsides washed way, roads sinking loss of human lives and their belongings, disappearing townships too!

While Global Warming & Climate change have a serious responsibility for these floods and other natural disasters. The Governments, the responsibility to negotiate and arrive at Climate Accords, etc. Each party will have to deliver their part of the responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions.

Some of the developing countries are still struggling to divide policies, and detailed plans for Urban Planning, including the planning of smaller townships too.

In the developing world the urban planning, zoning, and building norms are slack. And they get compromised during construction and the Urban development Authorities are supposed to monitor, assure and enforce conformance to the rules. More often than not they get compromised.

When that happens all key parameters for Urban design and zoning get compromised. They are at great risk at the time of any kind of natural disaster – Floods, extreme heat, Fires, Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, and many more factors.

When is a cloud break, and down comes torrential rains, sometimes they deliver a quantum of water they expect to see in an entire year. Why are these happening now?- Global Warming, Rising Ocean levels, surface temperatures, Glacier melts, of course.

Our urban construction and all the features should have been compromised.

When the downpour and flooding happens, the infrastructure is inadequate. The drains, the houses, the roads, and the hillsides get swept away, resulting in enormous loss of property, livelihoods, worsening health conditions. The Task of re-building the livelihoods, rebuilding businesses, getting back to work to earn for their families, rebuilding Infrastructure and facilities: Roads, Bridges, water supply, restoring electricity, Drainage, etc., is daunting. The Governments and the Citizens and Disaster Management Groups should coordinate and play out the reconstruction & Economic Rehabilitation plan.

How much of this large scale harm to humanity can be limited, if only we sensitize, bring awareness, about why these Natural Disasters happen, and our own role in “taking things for granted”, when everything is fine, and we have to teach our children not to compromise at any stage of design and construction of Infrastructure and facilities.

In Summary, such disasters are a combination of ignoring the bigger challenges of global warming, etc., and gross negligence to the design and construction of our living communities.

About the author

D Sudhanva is the founder and CEO at Excelsoft Technologies, a globally renowned eLearning Solutions Company. With a focus on transforming education across the world, Sudhanva has steered Excelsoft to be a thought leader in Education Technology with robust products delivering innovative solutions.