Forest Therapeutics

In Japan they have an initiative where they have created many Forests for Therapeutic. Amongst sprawling cities, they have planned an implemented Forests for thereapeutics. south Korea followed the same concept and at first go spent approximately a 150 Million Dollars.

it is an established scientific fact and proved by numerous studies, the being amongst green of forests, vast amounts of Agriculture land that could stretch for several miles on both sides. Driving though Green Forest – Dense Tropical Forest, Green all around and the quite except the chirping birds, is a exhilarating and a Refreshing experience this.

In Japan and in South Korea, walk trough Green Forests, is proved to have a lot benefits for individuals. The Long walk is itself an exercise, is a calming and a refreshing experience. It is know to reduce stress levels, decreases Blood Pressure, higher oxygen levels. After such a walk it is likely that an individual with better quality of thought, better ability to learn, solve conflicts.

However in India we have so many such spaces, forests, Green crops etc. I am sure that we have experienced crisp, unpolluted air, to breathe, so refreshing, you get to see a lots of birds and their chirping at a distance.

India being vast country we have many such green ares They are generally crowded, but you can still chose those quite areas. The gardens in Ooty, Coonoor, wild jungle tracks, mountains – lot of choice, I should say.

It is Ironical that in countries like Japan and South korea, relatively small countries can set aside forest therapeutics. India should leverage on its vast stretches of forest land, greenland, and set aside to some for therapeutics.

Studies in Japan have shown that doctors prescribe forest therapy, a 7 kilometers walk inn Green environment. The benefits have been Clarity of though process, problem solving, lowering of blood pressure, Immunity building, better Emotional Quotient, many more. Patients suffering from Dementia, Depression and other Psychological disorders have also shown improvement.

We should try it India, but be well regulated places, where cleanliness and hygiene should be best-in-class.

Forest Therapeutics Originated Japan South Korea Walking through many therapeutics benefits, physical, mental, and psychological.

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